Thank you for allowing me to take a few moments to express my appreciation and gratitude for Ramona Phillips.  Her dedication and strong support for women and children suffering from chronic abuse in their homes has been critical to our success at Speranza Human Compassion Project. 

I met Ramona at one of our early events in early 2013 and was instantly drawn to her humble and beautiful spirit.

Over the past 4-years Ramona has been a part of our event planning committee, our board of directors, and a presenter at two of our women's empowerment events, and one training for ER clinicians at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Each time Ramona has addressed our audience of professionals or communities she has changed hearts and influenced minds. 

Ramona has a very delicate way of helping us realize where the hurt is, how it affects us, and how to resolve it within ourselves. Her calming tone and peaceful words of wisdom are unforgettable. 

Ramona is always willing to help and encourage those around her.

She has been an invaluable part of Speranza where we transform lives through thought-provoking violence intervention training and educational events. 

Thank you again for this opportunity.


Christina Blackburn, MS


Speranza Human Compassion Project 


Little Sisters Of The Poor HOLY FAMILY HOME

AUG 2018


I had the privledge of working with Ramona Phillips' who visited my nursing home this past summer (2018). I had heard Ramona speak a year prior and found her to be a gifted and eloquent speaker filled with inspiring messages and her stories really resonated in me and I'm sure many others.

She spoke to a crowd of seniors about her upbringing and where she had come from in terms of struggle and surviving trauma to emerge on the other side a better and stronger woman thanks to God's grace and mercy.

We are all better for her lecture and I pray she touches many other lives with her motivational discussion, honest telling of her history, and how she remains a confident and healthier person to be able to share in such intimate and vulnerable ways about her story. I appreciate Ramona and her incredible dynamic personality, sparkling and God's love shining through all she does. What an inspiring woman, I am proud to call my friend!

Sue Perti

-Events Coordinator-

Little Sisters of the poor-HOLY FAMILY HOME- PHILA PA.



Student's comments:  Questions??? 

In your own words, what information was most helpful to you? 

Ans: Ramona was so real with us. I am amazed that a person who has been through so so much is so nice to come and share so we can learn. 

1. Self Awareness  2. Listen to the inner voice and don't repress, taking are of self!   3. Self- love

Student's comments: 

How she coped by putting her faith in God. Sometimes I get so rapped up in my personal issues that I forget God has a plan for me.

1. Pray  2. Let go of things I can't control  3.  loving self and being self aware

Student's comments:  

Learning coping methods, self love, self care and being responsible for my own actions. 

1. Being responsible for my own happiness  2.  Taking responsibility for my actions  3. Self Love

It was my pleasure and a beautiful experience to share my story with the nursing students, they were attentive and chose to be vulnerable with me as I chose to be transparent and vulnerable.  Some spoke to me at the end of my talk, my heart really went out to them as some of them chose to share some of their experiences with me.  I shared some words of wisdom with them and decided to pray for the class.  Brenda Vogt, was very helpful and her team's assistance. 

Ramona Phillips-Founder TraumaDefeated.llc



I just wanted to thank you all again for the great work you are doing.  It was an honor to have Ramona and Melissa come and share their stories with the class. I could tell just by the students' expressions that many of them needed to hear the information in the presentations and that your stories really resonated with them. 

Thank you so much for coming into our Personality Psychology class and for dedicating your time to presenting and sharing your stories.



Professor Autumn Nanassy, MA
Part-time Lecturer, Department of Psychology

Rutgers University-Camden

Question to student:   In your own words, what information was most helpful to you?

Knowing that my childhood is not uncommon, father alcoholic, abusive domestic violence against my mother/trauma

Was there anything we could have done better in today's presentation?    NO. It was Great!

No. It was extremely informative. I appreciate Ramona and Melissa sharing their story. Ramona is so inspiring. 

In your own words, please describe the top three actions you plan to take that will help yourself or others who struggle with mental health challenges. 

1. Be more kind to myself

2. Help my children 

3. Help others-this is real and not to be ashamed.

Question: Was there anything we could have done better in today's presentation? 

The presentation was perfect. I wish I could have listened to the presentation earlier and I would have definitely recommend this presentation to other people, especially for those who have been struggling with mental illness. 

Thank you for sharing your stories!  This was a wonderful and moving seminar.





Ramona is a phenomenal speaker, the students and staff are still talking about her since she did her presentation on 2/14/19. She is genuine, expressive and understands the feelings of the others. We have called NAMI requesting her to come back to our school.