One And Only You Every single blade of grass, And every flake of snow— Is just a wee bit different ... There’s no two alike, you know. From something small, like grains of sand, To each gigantic star All were made with THIS in mind: To be just what they are! How foolish then, to imitate— How useless to pretend! Since each of us comes from a MIND Whose ideas never end. There’ll only be just ONE of ME To show what I can do— And you should likewise feel very proud, There’s only ONE of YOU. That is where it all starts With you, a wonderful unlimited human being.   James T. Moore


Do you know who you are? You are uniquely yourself. You are a spirit in a body created in the image and likeness of God. No one has your finger prints or foot prints? There is no one on earth exactly like you.  Do you know what really makes you tick? Are you a patient person? Are you a romantic? What are your likes and dislikes?  What do you enjoy doing?  What type of people do you like to be in relationship with?  

Are you sentimental, traditional, sensitive, empathetic, compassionate? Are you a family person? Do you like being around children? Do you like caring for people in need? Are you a giver? How are you creative? Do you like music, if so, what kind? Are you a risk taker? Are you a leader? Are you a direct person or introvert? Do you like to travel, meet people? Do you like trying different types of food from different cultures? What type of environments do you like? What is your favorite color or colors? What kind of furniture do you like? What type of cars do you like? What type of clothes do you like? Do you like to try new things? Do you like sports? These are some questions to get you started.  Ask yourself, Who Am I