How many times do we allow the small things in life to get us all worked up, frustrated, angry? It's normal for so many things in life to happen but in our minds we make it larger. It is important for us to realize that our mental health is just as important as our spiritual health and physical health. When we make a mistake we begin to feel as if we were suppose to be super human and never make a mistake. We worry about what others may think and begin to defend ourselves.  Super heros in movies sometimes made mistakes.  

College professors, ministers, students, teachers, parents, doctors, lawyers in other words, people make mistakes. Some are big and nothing to laugh about but those trivial things we should choose to shake it off quickly, drop the judgement. Work down that negative temper. "Say to yourself" "Work it down." Give yourself permission to be human; give yourself permission to be teachable, learn to Laugh at yourself. Some time ago, I purchased a car from a Auto Mall. Later, when it was time to get my oil change, I went to the wrong service center twice, I forgot which dealer I purchased it from besides some of these places look the same and I was late. I knew this was the opportunity to practice not beating up on myself.

I reminded myself that it was ok to make a mistake. I did not worry about what the service man was thinking after looking in computer and could not find my name. I gave myself permission to not be perfect, I knew I was also going through a stressful time in my life, I did not need to hurt myself with guilt, shame, condemnation. Now think, have you ever forgotten something? Have you ever tripped and almost fell? Have you ever made the wrong turn? Have you ever gotten lost? Have you ever said the wrong thing? Have you ever spilled something? Have you ever ordered the incorrect thing? Have you ever forgotten the words? Have you ever did something that was a small thing and gave your mental health/peace of mind away to the situation?

When I forgot to go to the right dealer, I held myself responsible for the way I felt, it did not Feel good but I took responsibility for my thoughts and behavior. I became a solution solver by reminding myself of the name of the correct dealership, I laughed at myself, besides it was also allergy season and that did not help either. LIGHTEN UP ON YOURSELF. TALK TO YOURSELF WHEN THE TRIVIAL THINGS IN LIFE COME TO STEAL YOUR JOY. GIVE OTHERS A CHANCE TO BE HUMAN AND THINK THINGS THROUGH.

Sometimes because we are hard on ourselves, unrealistically expecting ourselves to be perfect, we are critical and judgemental of others and that hurts people. It is important to be merciful towards ourselves and others. We all have weaknesses, so we must Train our minds to stop condemning ourselves and instead Be Teachable. WE MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE WAY WE FEEL, IF WE ARE NOT FEELING GOOD POSITIVE ENERGY, THEN WE MUST CHANGE OUR THINKING AFTER WE ACCEPT THAT WE DON'T FEEL GOOD.(Don't denial your feelings, they are important because they are apart of who you are). If you suppress your feelings, then you will act impulsively, hurting yourself and others until you face yourself. You can also become depressed by denying your feelings if you are subconsciously beating up on yourself, judging, calling yourself stupid etc. EMBRACE YOURSELF WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES. YOU DESERVE LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE.